yo, yo!

I'm Jay Zschunke (pronounced 'chunky'). It's okay, you can laugh.

I am a copywriter based in Brooklyn, NY. Born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. 

Telling stories through the written word is something I've loved ever since I was a kid.

I wrote my first story at age seven entitled, Michael and the One Page Book - some say it's still my best work to date.

I've tried my hand in many forms of writing including sportswriting and short stories but have found my favorite to be scriptwriting and poetry.

If you want to track me down, chances are you can find me at a Yankees game, in the kitchen cooking, jamming on my keyboard or on a run through Prospect Park.

Or you can find me digitally:

email: jayzschunke@gmail.com

instagram: jayzschunke

myspace: therealjayz